A comfort system designed for individuals with weak upper bodies having difficulty sitting upright.

  • Works on
  • almost any chair

When it comes to posture support and positioning equipment the Posture Partner Comfort System provides better posture support with lateral side supports and support cushions which can aid in improved digestion, easier breathing, and enhances overall comfort. Our unique design for wheel chairs, Geri-Chairs and arm chairs allows for a variety of configurations all of which provide relief from poor posture.

Lateral support cushions and back support relief accessories are our specialty. Give us a call to find out how we can help!

  for multiple applications providing maximum physical comfort. The additional stability that Posture Partner provides helps ensure a more comfortable environment for the user and peace of mind for the care giver.

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  • Posture Support
  • Easy Care
  • Best Positioning Equipment
  • Lateral Support
  • Restraint Free
  • Lateral Support Wheel Chairs
  • Helps keep spine in better alignment reducing pain
  • Posture Alignment
  • Supports upper body, hands, legs, arms
  • Spinal Alignment



U.S. Design Patent No. D670,122

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